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Retirement :: The Retirement Source
The Retirement Source® - Our name says it all!
  • Retirement is NOT just a PRODUCT.
  • Retirement is NOT just a DEPARTMENT.
  • Retirement is NOT just a JOB for some disembodied voice on an 800 phone line.

Retirement is who we are and it is what we do and it is what we have done for over 20 years

  • Retirement is NOT just an EVENT.
  • Retirement is NOT just an INVESTMENT STRATEGY.
  • Retirement is NOT just a PROJECT.

Retirement is about making sure:

  • You have the cash to cover your living expenses
  • You can cover the cost of medical care
  • You have someone ready to care for you if necessary
  • You will be able to care for your loved ones
  • You will be able to leave the legacy you hope for

Retirement is about:

  • Controlling what you can control
  • Adapting to the things you can’t control
  • Knowing the difference between relative investment performance and absolute performance
  • Understanding how the drawdown of capital can destroy your retirement

You must take responsibility because nobody else is going to. You are the only “expert” on your situation and you are in charge.

In retirement, failure is NOT an acceptable option.

You need an experience team of professional retirement specialists you can look in the eye.

What most people (including many purported experts) think they know about retirement planning is upside down.

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